Selected Presentations and Recent Events

I present my work in the context of public conferences, presentations and panel discussions with stakeholders from artistic communities, local politicians and administrators.

To be watched here:
An international panel discussion about urban cultural policies in and beyond the crisis, and potential of civic self-organization from the cultural field for better urban futures

Cultural Infrastructures of Vulnerability II – Cultural Institutions in (Post-)Pandemic Exposure in Arts of the Working Class

Photo Credit: 06 San Francisco 2017/2018, Living Room © Jana Sophia Nolle

Cultural Infrastructures of Vulnerability – Reflections on Care during and after COVID-19 in Arts of the Working Class

DISPUTE – Discussing Conflicts and Care in Museums in Times of Crisis; Lecture and Public Talk at ecm Vienna – educating/curating/managing:

SFU Postdoc Pitch in times of COVID-19: The Politics of Public Art: A Three-Conundrum

Guest Lecture: Spatializing the ‘Creative City’, York University, Toronto, February 2020

Monograph: Agonistic Articulations in the ‘Creative’ City – On New Actors and Activism in Berlin (Routledge Series Political Sociology), April 2019

Roundtable Participation on Fleeting / Instituting in the context of the Annual Conference of the Graduate Program “Knowledge of the Arts”: Methods of the Collective in Art, Research & Activism, June 2019

Keynote: “Conflictual Collaborations”, Society of Cultural Policy (KuPoGe), Berlin, April 2019

From Left to Right: Thomas Krüger, President of Federal Office of Political Education, Wibke Behrens, Spokeswoman Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft, Friederike Landau,
Photo Credit: Regina Liedtke

Keynote: “Stages of the Political”, Annual Conference of Performing Arts Program Berlin, March 2018


Keynote “Conflicual Cultural Politics – About new Actors, Alliances and Arenas in Berlin and beyond”, Dresden, May 2018

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