Dr. Friederike Landau-Donnelly

Researching conflicts in urban public spaces,
political mobilizations around arts, culture & memory,
the many mo(ve)ments of ‘the political’ in cities.

Bywater Institute, New Orleans, Anthropocene Campus, 2019, Photo: Friederike Landau

Research in Action

Research Affiliations

Assistant Professor for Cultural Geography 2020-2024
Postdoc Human Geography 2019/20
Postdoc Arts & Research 2018/19
Postdoc Urban Planning & Guest Professor 2017/18/19
Member of Cultural Think Tank
Junior Strategy Consultant 2012/13
Full Doctoral Fellowship 2015-17
Associate Research Fellow since 2015

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Mail: info[at]friederikelandau.com | Phone: +49 152 598 497 03